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Lisa Smits


Landscapes, Planning, Policy, Water, Ecosystem services, Integrated water resource management


Kenya; Ewaso Nyiro; Ewaso Ngiro; Tana; Tana River; Tana River Basin; Dams; Infrastructure; Inventory; Wetland degradation; Coordinationi Amendment Act; National Wetlands Policy;




05 November 18

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M+E report


(1) Within three (3) years from the date of amendment of these Regulations, the Authority shall, in consultation with relevant lead agencies and stakeholders, prepare and maintain an inventory of all wetlands in Kenya and shall cause such measures, including the development of integrated wetland management plans, to prevent and control degradation of such wetlands.

Document extract

To address the challenge of poor enforcement of the wetlands Regulations, NEMA and Wetlands International Kenya held several consultative planning meetings in the months of March and April 2017 to identify feasible strategies and developed a roadmap (Annex 1) to guide the process of reviewing and strengthening the Regulations, making them enforceable by regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.
This process was reinforced by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NEMA and Wetlands International Kenya, that was effected in Nairobi on April 19, 2017. This MoU not only details measures for the review of the wetlands Regulations, but also provides a broader framework for collaboration and establishment of an engagement platform for sustainable wetlands management in the country.

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