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Valerie Brown


EMR, Landscapes, Resilience, Planning, Climate Information, Ecosystem services




01 December 17

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Book, Case study


A sourcebook of methods for decision-making

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The sourcebook contains three main sections, organised into eight chapters (Figure 1).The first section (Chapters 1 and 2) covers the background and introduction to what the sourcebook seeks to deliver, why valu-ation can be useful, and how EbA values (i.e. benefits, costs and impacts) should be defined and understood. The second section (Chapters 3 - 6) pro-vides guidance on how to design, deliver, manage and use valuation studies. Chap-ter 5 (which deals with tools to enhance the strategic impact of valuation) provide information which cross-cuts other chap-ters (on designing and delivering the as-sessment or study). Chapter 6 combines the insights of the previous chapters into a series of checklists for the design and planning of EbA valuation studies.The third section (Chapters 7 and 8) lays out real-world experiences, lessons learned and best practices in EbA valua-tion and assessment. These feed into the topics covered in other chapters of the sourcebook. As well as a reference list, this comprises a series of case studies of how valuation has been used to measure EbA costs, benefits and impacts in practice, using different methods, for various purposes, and across a range of sectors, biomes and countries.

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