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Matthijs Stroosnijder


IRM, DRR, CCA, EMR, Resilience, Livelihoods, Policy, Water






PfR Kenya

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M+E report


Kenya like the other countries in the Greater Horn of Africa was faced with what has come to be known as the worst drought in the last 60 years in 2011. The drought has led to increased intra- and inter-district migration of animals and people in search of pasture and water. This occasionally resulted in conflict between different ethnic groups over the scarce resources which everybody needs so badly. The influx of livestock from neighbouring districts to river banks led to rapid deterioration of pasture, which further eroded the communities’ livelihoods and coping mechanisms.

This report provides a consolidated summary of the Partners for Resilience programme in Kenya based on the inputs derived from 2011 annual reports of individual partners that covers community and national level achievements.

Some of the activities carried out during this period are:

- Communities able to identify, plan and implement risk reduction measures based on community risk assessment / VCA

- Communities are capable to protect and adapt their livelihoods in synergy with the natural environment

- Partner NGOs/CBOs (e.g. MID-P, KRCS, WI-Kenya and its local community reps, Local Water Users Associations) in Ewaso Nyiro Basin have enhanced capacity on DRR, CCA and EMR approaches

- Increased policy dialogue by PFR, CSOs and CBOs

- Challenges and reccommendations

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