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Matthijs Stroosnijder


IRM, DRR, CCA, EWEA, EMR, Landscapes, Resilience, Livelihoods, Gender, Investments, Policy, Water


Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Nicaragua, Philippines, Uganda


July 13

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Summary of the most relevant events of PfR global during the first 6 months of 2013:
- Policy dialogue in Mopti, Mali 
- Empowering women through livelihood diversification in Ethiopia 
- Rehabilitation of degraded hills, cleaner cooking and improved water supply in Ethiopia
- Setting up a local roundtable on climate change in El Estor, Guatemala 
- Reducing disaster risk through the bio-rights approach in Sololá, Guatemala
- Documenting lessons learnt in a writeshop in Indonesia 
- Investments in mangrove rehabilitation in North Ende, Indonesia 
- Risk reduction lessons prove useful in PfR villages in India 
- Risk reduction plans supported by PfR become tool for fundraising in Bihar, India 
- A regional forum on coffee and climate change, Nicaragua 
- Capturing local and indigenous knowledge in Nicaragua 
- PfR partners initiate regional platform for stakeholders around Ewaso Nyiro River Basin, Kenya
- Women inclusion for food security in Isiolo, Kenya 
- Wetlands demarcation to reduce the risk on floods in Uganda 
- Building strong community organizations for sustainability in Uganda 
- Helping others to be better prepared in the Philippines
- PfR at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, Switzerland.
- New IFRC community based early warning guidance stresses ‘timescales’ 
- New PfR leaflet published: “Putting Community Resilience into Practice” 
- Revised training manual Cordaid on community managed disaster risk reduction 
- Partners for Resilience global facebook group online

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